Artificial grass installation in Fresno, CA can turn any space into a putting green. Backyards, side yards, roof decks, porches and balconies, rec rooms – you name it.

But it’s one thing to have a putting green at home. It’s another to actually get better at golf because of it.

The good news? As long as you put in the time to practice, you can definitely improve your game with the help of a backyard putting green, especially when it comes to these skills:

1. Putting

Putting is the most fundamental skill in golf. It’s also one of the easiest to practice at home. A backyard putting green can help you improve your speed, direction and aim over time because it allows for unlimited repetition.

The more putts you hit and balls that roll into the hole , the better chance you have of improving your putting.

Putt to win – or simply to have fun. Either way, you’ll improve with artificial grass installation in Fresno, CA.

2. Distance Control

Distance control is another fundamental golfing skill. It’s all about hitting the ball a certain distance with minimum effort. Synthetic grass in Fresno can help you execute more controlled swings because it reduces the variables in your swing – like wind and humidity, for example. You can also add obstacles to change up your pace or trajectory while playing in a backyard putting green.

3. Club Management

You wouldn’t use the same club to hit a 150-yard shot as you would for an approach on your backswing, right? Of course not. Backyard putting greens allow golfers of all skill levels to practice different types of shots and discover which clubs work best in various circumstances without having to switch between multiple courses.

The more comfortable you are with changing your game in different playing situations, the better chance you have of winning on the course when it counts. Backyard putting greens give golfers an immediate sense of accomplishment because they can see their progress immediately after a round or practice session – which is all about club management for true players.

4. Short Game

Short game is the difference between a birdie and a bogie on an otherwise solid round. It’s about finesse, not power. The short game typically takes place around the green – where golfers chip, pitch or putt their way around obstacles to get closer to (and eventually into ) the hole for another shot at par or birdie.

A backyard putting green is a great place to practice your short game because the customizable obstacles and contours of artificial grass in Fresno encourage you to get creative with every shot – just like on real greens you play from during tournament rounds.

You can also add or remove elements from your setup to create different types of lies and encourage better scoring – like adding bunkers or making other elements of your backyard putting green more challenging.

The moral of the story? The short game makes up 50% to 65% of all shots in a round, so you can see why it’s important that every golfer takes time each week for practice on their backyard (or front yard) putting green.

Ready for Next-Level Putting Practice?

You can start improving your game right now with a backyard putting green installed by our team at Fresno Artificial Grass – the industry leader for artificial grass installation in the area.

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