As a backyard putting green owner, you know the joys of having a beautiful, lush green area to play on. At least, until bugs started killing your turf. They come in various types, and they’re often difficult to get rid of without damaging your grass. Luckily, there’s an easy way to bug-proof your putting green in Fresno, CA: artificial grass!

How Does Artificial Grass Stop Bug Damage in Putting Greens?

Artificial grass keeps bugs away because it’s not real. Bugs love the smell of real grass because they associate it with food and shelter. It’s why they love hanging out on natural putting greens. Artificial grass doesn’t emit the same fresh scent, so there’s no attraction.

Also, bugs can’t eat through the tough material of synthetic grass. They tend to leave the turf alone once they determine that they can’t thrive on it.

Moreover, artificial grass doesn’t have any roots. That means it’s not enticing to root-munching creepy crawlies. So it doesn’t need fertile soil to stay in great shape. In fact, it can even be installed on top of concrete. This goes a long way in keeping bugs that love burrowing in healthy soil away from your putting green.

Most insects also tend to steer clear of synthetic grass because it’s smooth. Bugs that like to hide under blades of grass while they wait for their prey won’t find enough traction to stay put.

10 Bugs That Synthetic Grass in Fresno Repels

Once you install artificial grass for golf, these insects will start steering clear of your putting green.

Chinch Bugs

These nasty little pests are the most common grass-eating insect on putting greens. They chew through the grass at its roots and can cause brown patches to appear on the surface of the grass.

White Grubs

White grubs feed on grass roots and can cause a significant amount of damage to a putting green’s root system.

Sod Webworms

Sod webworms burrow into the soil and eat grass roots and other organic matter. They can kill the grass over time, leaving patches of brown and yellow turf in their wake.


Armyworms chew through turfgrass leaves, which causes them to turn brown or yellow. They also leave behind holes in the ground where they laid eggs during their reproduction cycles.


Earthworms are nature’s recyclers, but if they’re too many, they can eat away at grass to the point of killing it. They’re the first insects to appear in the spring and the last to leave in the fall.


Cutworms are the larvae of moths that prey on grass and tender plants by cutting their roots off at the surface of the soil. They’re most active at night, and they tend to leave bare spots in a natural putting green in Fresno, CA.


Billbugs look like large beetles with black heads and brown bodies. They hide underground during the day and emerge at night to feed on plant foliage.

Black Grass Bugs

Black grass bugs feed on the roots, crowns, and stems of plants, causing damage by reducing plant growth and vigor. They can also carry bacteria to plants, which causes brown spots on the leaves.

June Beetle Grubs

June beetle grubs feed on the roots of turfgrass plants, causing visible damage by making holes in the lawn. The grubs are white or yellowish with brown heads and legless bodies that are about 2 inches long when they’re fully grown.

Japanese Beetle Grubs

Japanese beetle grubs feed on turfgrass roots and crowns. They also cause damage by making small holes in the lawn surface when they emerge as adults in the late summer and autumn months.

Enjoy Pest-Free Tee Times With An Artificial Grass Installation in Fresno, CA

We know you’re serious about your short games. That’s why we’re serious about helping you keep your putting green as bug-free as possible.

Whether you’re tired of using insecticides or want a more environmentally friendly solution, we’ve got you covered here at Fresno Artificial Grass. We’ll walk you through our range of artificial grass products and installation services. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 559-206-2525 to learn more about synthetic putting greens!