You’ve already heard about the benefits of artificial grass in Fresno. It’s practically maintenance-free. It saves tons of water which is crucial in dry California. It looks great all year round, in any season, with no mowing necessary!

Sounds perfect, except there’s one thing holding you back: you have a dog.

Is artificial grass safe for pets? Can your dog dig up the grass, kill it with their urine and destroy your investment? What happens if they pee on it? Will it leave a stain? Will it smell?

Keep reading for the answers!

Dogs Are No Match for Synthetic Grass in Fresno

Dogs are an important part of every family – but every dog owner knows that dogs can also be destructive. They love to dig, tear up pillows, spread dirt everywhere and destroy shoes. All they want to do is play and make a mess.

Real grass is no match for their insatiable drive to hunt, dig and play. Dogs simply can’t resist the urge to do these things, but artificial grass is a different story.

High-quality synthetic turf in Fresno is designed to take a beating.

You’ll find it in many sports fields, parks, playgrounds, airports and other high-traffic public places. It’s made to hold up to athletes’ cleats, heavy equipment and the wear-and-tear of thousands of people walking or playing on it every day.

Your dog’s attempts at digging, tearing and biting are simply not going to do anything to artificial grass except leave them tired and ready for a nap.

Artificial Grass in Fresno is Safe for Dogs

Safety is another big question mark for Fresno dog owners who are considering artificial grass. The truth is, artificial grass actually keeps them safer in a few different ways:

  • Dogs’ claws and nails don’t get caught in the turf when they’re running or playing
  • There’s a lower risk of infestations (e.g. fleas, ticks and worms)
  • It’s softer and easier on their joints
  • They won’t get exposed to toxins like pesticides and fertilizers
  • It reduces allergens such as pollen and molds
  • It stops pests like moles, rats and other vermin from getting into your yard and injuring your dog
  • Wet artificial turf is non-slip and dries out quickly
  • There are no weeds, bacteria-loaded soil or grass they can accidentally eat

In other words, artificial turf adds an extra layer of protection for your dog and the rest of your family.

How About Dog Urine and Poop?

Now we’re getting to the nitty-gritty. What happens if your dog goes to the bathroom on artificial grass? Will it ruin your new synthetic lawn? How do you clean up dog urine and poop on artificial turf?

Here’s where things get even better!

Synthetic grass can handle dog urine and poop like a champ.

Clean up is ridiculously easy — just pick the poop up and use a regular garden hose to flush out urine and any residue. Everything will drain right off and your yard will look as good as new.

The best artificial grass for dogs in Fresno also comes with deodorizing infill and anti-bacterial coating to eliminate any smells. These features are an extra bonus that you’d never get with natural grass and they’re absolutely worth it for dog owners.

Finally, pet waste won’t damage artificial turf. That means no brown or dead spots, no matter how often your pup uses the bathroom outside.

Artificial Grass is Greener for Everyone

Thinking about going green? Artificial turf in Fresno is a great way to do it.

Natural grass is an environmental disaster. It requires massive amounts of water to maintain. It’s full of polluting pesticides and fertilizers that runoff into rivers and streams every time it rains and mowing emits more greenhouse gases than driving.

Artificial grass is a much greener alternative. You don’t have to use any pesticides, fertilizers or water. It doesn’t need any regular trimming, mowing, weed control or re-seeding. You also won’t have to use any gasoline or electricity to mow it.

Your yard will immediately become cleaner, safer, more inviting for your dog, easier to maintain — and better for the environment as well!

Learn More About Artificial Grass for Dogs and Fresno Homes

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