Artificial grass in Fresno can offer a refreshing touch to any residential driveway. It’s a great way to breathe new life into dull concrete and stone drives, while improving your entire landscape at the same time. In addition, there are many creative ways that Fresno homeowners can use artificial grass on their driveways and we’re sharing some of our favorites below!

Can you park on artificial grass?

While it’s extremely tough and durable, it’s not designed to withstand the weight of cars— which can reach thousands of pounds.

A few things can happen:

  • Parking can cause the artificial turf fibers to separate from one another and create a matting effect– not what you want at all!
  • If you park on artificial grass, you’ll have to clean up any oil or other fluids that leak from your vehicle. If you don’t, it can stain the turf and seep into the ground.
  • It will accelerate the wear and tear, which can then require replacement earlier than usual.

Can you use artificial grass on your driveway?

If you combine it with a hardscape, then yes you definitely can use artificial grass to improve your driveway.

The key is to complement concrete, gravel or whatever driveway hardscape you’re using— not using artificial grass installation in Fresno CA alone as your main driveway material.

As for what type of hardscape goes well with artificial grass, check out our article The Beginner’s Guide to Hardscape Materials for Synthetic Grass in Fresno!

How to Beautify Your Driveway with Artificial Grass in Fresno

Finally, there are many ways to improve your driveway using synthetic turf! Below are some of our favorites:

  • It can be installed to form a decorative border around the driveway. The turf can also be installed to act as a wall or edging.
  • Use artificial turf in combination with decorative stones, bricks or pavers to create a custom look. For instance, follow a pattern, such as lines or grids.
  • Create two strips going up your driveway. It’s a nice, subtle way to green up the space!

Bonus Tip:

  • Consider planting hedges, bushes or tall plants near the entrance to create a beautiful backdrop for visitors driving up to your home.

Got More Questions? Ask Away!

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about this new trend in home landscaping! Looking for more inspiration? Check out more of our design guides:

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