Proper Fresno synthetic grass installation is more than just rolling out a mat and calling it a day. A high-quality synthetic turf system has several components and drainage is one of the most critical.

Without proper drainage, you may run into serious issues like:

  • Warped or curled turf
  • Muddy or waterlogged areas
  • Soil erosion
  • Pests and insects
  • Flooding and stagnant water
  • Mold and mildew

In severe cases, chronic drainage problems can cause the entire artificial grass system to fail.

So, do you need to hire a drainage company for your synthetic grass project?

The answer is: it depends.

If your property is relatively flat with no major slopes or existing drainage issues, then a basic drainage system should be adequate.

However, if you have a more complicated situation like an extremely sloped yard or extensive drainage problems, then you’ll probably need a more complex, custom-designed system.

In many cases, hiring an experienced artificial grass company is enough for the job.

For instance, here at Fresno Artificial Grass, we begin all our projects with detailed site assessment to pinpoint any potential drainage issues. As a result, this allows us to create a drainage plan that will properly manage water runoff for your specific installation, whether that’s pet turf, artificial grass for yards or a putting green.

FAQs about Artificial Grass Drainage Systems

1. What are some common causes of drainage problems with artificial grass?

There are a few common culprits when it comes to drainage problems with artificial grass:

  • Low-quality installation – This is by far the most common cause of drainage issues. If your artificial grass isn’t installed properly, it won’t drain correctly and you’ll run into all sorts of problems. That’s why it’s critical to hire professional turf installers in Fresno to ensure good results.
  • Obstructions – Tree roots, rocks, sprinkler heads and other obstructions can cause problems if they’re in the drainage path.
  • Improper grading – Improper grading is another common cause of drainage problems. For example, if the artificial grass slopes down towards a side yard instead of properly draining out of your property, it can cause serious issues like soil erosion and flooding.

2. What is the best drainage design for synthetic turf?

There’s no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to drainage for synthetic grass in Fresno. Every property is different and each installation requires a unique drainage plan. That said, there are some general tips we follow:

  • Make sure the system collects water from the entire surface area of the turf. This will help prevent pooling and waterlogging.
  • Use perforated backing and other methods to allow water to escape quickly. This will help avoid excess standing water and keep your turf looking its best.
  • Remove all debris or obstructions along the drainage path.
  • If applicable, use a landscaping fabric to help control soil erosion and keep things looking neat and tidy for artificial grass installation in Fresno, CA.

How can I avoid drainage issues with artificial grass?

The best and simplest way to avoid drainage problems is to contact an experienced installer.

For instance, our team at Fresno Artificial Grass doesn’t just understand drainage – we’re also familiar with local soil conditions, climate and other unexpected factors that can affect your installation.

Another thing to keep in mind is artificial grass maintenance.

For example, remove leaves, debris and other objects from the turf surface on a regular basis. Otherwise, these can block the backing and prevent water from draining properly.

In addition, take a look at the drainage plan from day one. For instance, if you have any concerns or want to make changes to the plan, speak up. It’s always better to catch potential problems early on, rather than dealing with them down the road.

Overall, proper installation, regular maintenance and good planning are the keys to avoiding drainage problems with artificial grass.

Got Questions About Artificial Grass in Fresno? Ask Away!

If you have any questions about drainage systems and other parts of artificial grass installation, don’t hesitate to ask.

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