Are you considering artificial grass in Fresno for your yard landscape but are worried about it affecting your plants and trees? Well, no need to worry!. It doesn’t have any negative effects on existing plant life. In some ways, it’s better than natural grass for natural landscaping. 

The Drawbacks of Growing Natural Grass Near or Around Plants

Planting natural grass around or near other plants presents several challenges. These mainly stem from the nature of grasses to be fast-growing and competitive for resources, potentially harming other flora.

Steals Water and Nutrients From the Soil

Natural grass has extensive and aggressive root systems. It rapidly absorbs water and nutrients from the soil, leaving less available for other nearby plants. 

When grass and trees or plants compete for water and nutrients, the grass often wins because its dense mat of roots can out-compete plant roots.

Attracts Pests

Natural grass serves as a habitat for many insects and pests that can also affect the well-being of nearby plants. 

Pests such as beetles, caterpillars, and aphids in the grass can easily migrate to neighboring plants, causing damage by eating leaves and stems. A lush lawn can also attract burrowing animals like moles, which disrupt the soil and affect the roots of plants.

Contributes to Weed Problems

Growing natural grass near other planted areas tends to encourage the growth and spread of weeds. The thick layer of grass and soil provides an ideal environment for weed seeds to germinate and grow.

Certain aggressive weed species, such as crabgrass and dandelions, can quickly colonize a lawn and then spread to invade plant beds. 

Needs Toxic Chemicals

The upkeep of a natural lawn often requires using chemicals that could be detrimental to other plants. These include fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides, which, while enhancing or protecting the lawn may harm the surrounding plants.

Runoff from these chemicals can contaminate the soil around the lawn, affecting plant health and potentially causing root burns or other chemical damage. Some lawn products may also upset the pH balance of the soil making it more difficult for surrounding plants to access nutrients.

Why Artificial Grass Doesn’t Have the Same Downsides

When replacing natural grass with artificial grass in Fresno, you’ll find that it bypasses many of the common issues associated with natural grass. Here’s how:

Artificial Grass Doesn’t Need Water or Nutrients

Synthetic turf doesn’t absorb nutrients and water in the soil. That means your surrounding plants and trees can access essential resources without competition from your artificial grass.

The reduced need for water for lawn upkeep translates to significant water savings. For Fresno homeowners, this is a noteworthy benefit, especially during the hotter months when water conservation becomes critical.

Deters Pests

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf does not provide a habitat for many pests.

Common lawn pests like beetles, aphids, and grubs, are not attracted to artificial grass as it does not provide them food or a suitable environment for laying eggs. This can drastically lower the overall number of pests in your garden, making it less likely that your plants or trees will be affected by pest damage.

Artificial grass also does not attract larger pests like moles or voles that can disrupt soil and damage plant roots.

Prevents Weed Problems

With artificial grass, you can say goodbye to tiresome weeding. The impenetrable backing and dense artificial blades prevent weed seeds from reaching the soil, reducing their chances of germination.

Together with a weed barrier laid during the set-up process, synthetic turf effectively inhibits weeds’ growth, safeguarding your garden from these invasive plants.

Doesn’t Need Hazardous Chemicals

Artificial grass never needs chemical treatments, making it a safe choice for families, especially those with kids and pets who spend time playing in the backyard.

The elimination of these chemical products also translates into a healthier environment for your surrounding plants. After all, there won’t be chemical residues seeping into their soil or being carried over onto their leaves. 

What to Consider When Installing Artificial Grass Around Trees

Consider these factors when you install artificial grass in Fresno around trees to achieve problem-free landscaping:

  • Root Growth: Trees have expansive root systems that extend outwards, often surpassing the tree’s drip line. It’s best to provide ample space around the tree base to accommodate future growth. This helps avoid any future issues with roots pushing against or growing into the artificial grass.


  • Tree Health: Installing artificial grass should not damage the tree or its root system. Appropriate installation methods and the use of specific artificial grass backing materials can ensure that sufficient water and nutrients can still penetrate the soil, maintaining tree health.


  • Irrigation Changes: Adjustments might be necessary for existing irrigation systems. The root zone of a tree needs to remain hydrated, and thus, the installation plan must include modifying the irrigation to continue delivering water to the tree roots.

What to Consider When Installing Artificial Grass Around Plants

Setting up artificial grass around existing plants requires keen attention to several critical factors.

  • Plant Growth: Consider the future growth of your plants. Will they spread out or grow taller? Factor in this expected growth when designing the artificial grass landscape to avoid having to alter it later.


  • Space for Maintenance: Leave space around your garden beds for maintenance activities such as trimming, watering, and fertilizing your plants without damaging the artificial grass.


  • Use of Edging Material: Edging materials like brick, stone, or metal can be used to clearly define and separate the artificial grass from the plant beds. This not only provides a neat and clean appearance but also helps to secure the grass edges.

Level Up Your Natural Landscaping

Combine the lush, year-round greenery of synthetic grass with the vibrancy of your favorite plants for the ultimate garden space. If you’re ready to make your yard the envy of your block, don’t hesitate to contact Fresno Artificial Grass for premium synthetic turf and expert landscaping solutions.  

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