Urban living could become a gray experience. Give your place a refreshing outdoor feel by incorporating artificial grass into your interior design. Use synthetic grass to decorate different spaces in your home and give them a livelier look.

How to Dress Up Living Spaces with Synthetic Grass

Liven up your home with a patch of green here and there. Here are some ideas on how to perk up living spaces with synthetic grass in Fresno.

Use synthetic grass as wall accents

Improve the ambiance in your bedroom, living room or kitchen with a floor-to-ceiling artificial grass installation. You can add wall accents made of artificial grass in Fresno. Wall accents break the monotony of the space and increase visual stimulation.

Another great option is placing a turf accent wall behind your bed, behind a couch or between living room windows. You can also pair wall accents with other textures. Mix and match it with your furniture and flooring to make your rooms more interesting.

Unleash your creativity and create distinct patterns on your wall with artificial grass. Give your walls that extra pop. Make that gloomy vacant wall alive with synthetic turf.

Use as an area rug

Turn your living room, playroom and even your dining room into a sanctuary by using synthetic grass as an area rug. Feel rejuvenated indoors by adding that outdoor feel into any space in your home. The natural appearance of synthetic grass blends in well with any surrounding.

Installing artificial grass indoors brings the calmness of the lawn into your living room. Create a cool and calm place that is perfect for retrospection and relaxation by adding an artificial grass rug at the heart of your living room.

You can also use artificial grass to give your kids’ playroom that fun park ambiance. Help them enjoy the outdoors and appreciate nature even while playing indoors. Synthetic grass is pretty easy to clean which makes it even more ideal for rooms frequented by kids.

And lastly, artificial grass used as a rug or carpet makes for a great conversation starter, don’t you think? Best of all, it is much easier to clean stains and spills on the grass in Fresno compared to regular rugs and carpets.

Use synthetic grass on your terrace or balcony

Transform your balcony or terrace with synthetic grass by using it as terrace carpeting. Add a few plants, bring out a folding table, place a chair and voila! You now have your personal green haven.

Artificial grass is perfect for outdoor balconies where it can be challenging to grow natural grass. Placing artificial grass on your terrace also reduces heat from the concrete floor and keeps your apartment cooler.

Bring the Outdoors Inside Without the Hassle

Artificial grass installation in Fresno, CA gives the outdoor feel you need in your apartment. Enjoy hassle-free greenery indoors that stays fresh-looking all year round. Fresno Artificial Grass Experts can assist you in designing, installing and maintaining synthetic grass. Call us now at 559-206-2525 to get started and get a free quote!