If you’re a pet owner, you know how tiring it can be to maintain a yard. Between the mowing and the watering and the planting, it can feel like an endless job with no reward. And then your dog goes and ruins your beautiful lawn in a matter of minutes by digging a hole, taking a quick potty break, or even just running around the turf. Luckily, there’s a pet-proof alternative that you enjoy in no time: artificial grass for dogs in Fresno.

How Pets Can Ruin Yards

Dogs can be a handful. They’re cute, they’re fun, but they can also rip up your yard. Here are some of the ways they can wreck your well-maintained yard:


Dogs are natural diggers—it’s part of their DNA. Their ancestors dug holes to hide food for later consumption or protect themselves against predators. While those instincts might not be as useful today, they still exist. Other reasons that can push dogs to dig are anxiety, stress, boredom and lack of exercise.

Even the most relaxed diggers can turn your yard into a hole-ridden pit.


Most dogs run because it’s fun. It lets them practice the skills they are born with and it helps them stay healthy.

However, dogs running can be bad news for your yard because they tend to wear down paths in the grass as they do. This is particularly common if you have more than one dog and they run together. But even solo dogs can create their own worn paths en route to favorite spots in the yard.


The ground is also great for rolling around on! Dogs love doing this because it helps get the dirt out of their fur (kind of like taking a bath). Moreover, rolling around on the ground also serves as a way for them to mark territory which involves releasing pheromones from glands in their skin.

Unfortunately, when your canines roll around your yard, they can flatten plants and grass.

Pooping and Peeing

Dog pee is acidic enough to burn or turn grasses yellow. Meanwhile, dog poop releases heat into your lawn every time it piles up. This heat can kill off patches of grass surrounding the area where your dog does his business, leaving you with unsightly dead spots in the middle of an otherwise healthy lawn or garden.

How Synthetic Grass in Fresno Makes Yard Upkeep Hassle-Free

If you are a pet owner, your backyard might feel like a battlefield. You love your pets, but you also love your perfect lawn and the peace of mind that comes from it. With artificial grass, you can have both while giving your dogs a safe play space.

No More Holes and Upturned Turf

There is nothing more irritating than working hard to keep your natural grass looking lush and green, only to have your dog dig holes in it. Artificial grass does not have roots or dirt. Its synthetic fibers are also dense enough to prevent claws and paws from latching on and tearing them up.

That means you can let your dogs play outside all day long without harming the integrity of your yard.

No More Dirt and Mud

Natural grass accumulates dirt and mud when dogs run around on it. No matter how many times they shake, they always bring this mess into the house with them. This can get on your carpeting, furniture and even yourself!

Artificial turf is dirt-free because it covers the ground completely. Likewise, it doesn’t get muddy when it’s wet. Feel free to let your pooches play on your synthetic lawn after rain without worrying about them tracking dirt and mud indoors.

No More Soggy Turf After Rain

There’s no quicker way to ruin your lawn than by letting it become soaked with water. Not only can it become a breeding ground for bacteria and mosquitoes, but it could also leave you with drowned patches of grass.

With artificial turf, this isn’t something you need to worry about. Instead of relying on constant watering and draining to keep your yard healthy, it drains naturally. It consists of materials that resist water damage and discourage the growth of algae or other fungi. It’s also slip-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about someone slipping while they’re playing outside!

No More Yellow Grass Due to Pet Urine

Made of permeable material, artificial grass allows urine to drain through it quickly. It’s also synthetic, so it won’t burn or turn yellow from the high acid content in the urine. Feel free to wash your dog’s bathroom areas with a soap and water solution to get rid of any lingering odors.

No More Smelly Potty Areas

If you have artificial grass for dogs in Fresno, then you don’t have to worry about where your dog goes potty. Whether they decide to do their business in the far corner of the yard or right by the front door, it will be easy for you to clean up — simply spray down the area with water, use enzyme cleaners, and it will look just like new again!

No More Patchy Grass Due to High Traffic

Artificial grass stands up well against even the highest levels of foot traffic. This is especially beneficial for pet owners with large dogs or multiple dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors. The synthetic turf in the areas that your dogs love running, lying, and walking on may bend, but that’s easy to fix. Just brush up the turf to help them stand upright again.

No More Grass Stains on Fur Coats

Dogs love to run around and get dirty. For you, this often means a lot of extra work at bath time scrubbing those muddy grass stains out of your dog’s fur coat. With artificial grass, there’s no more mud or dirt—no more grass stains! It’s also safer for your furry friends because it doesn’t produce grass burrs and seeds that can cause skin infections.

No More Costly Toxic Lawn Care Solutions

Synthetic grass means no more paying a fortune for professional lawn care services or spending hours every week for landscaping. Plus, there’s no need to expose yourself or your pets to toxic chemicals that can cause significant health problems. It looks great with minimal upkeep.

Simplify Yard Maintenance With Artificial Grass in Fresno

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the ways in which artificial grass can help you solve your biggest pet-related yard problems.

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