Grass-themed interior décor is an excellent way to infuse living spaces with the peace and beauty of nature. Unfortunately, using real grass indoors can be a disaster. It’s muddy, prone to pests, high-maintenance and difficult to keep alive even under the best circumstances. As a result, designers are turning to synthetic grass in Fresno for their projects.

Why Synthetic Grass is Fantastic for Interior Design

Synthetic turf is famous for being the perfect landscaping solution, but it’s also getting popular for use indoors. Here’s what makes it a great material for interior design:

1. It’s Easy to Install

Artificial turf comes in many forms, including rolls, interlocking tiles or panels. It can be mounted on most surfaces too. Want to use it for a green accent wall or in symmetrical patterns? Call your local installers and consider it done!

2. It’s Low Maintenance

Artificial grass doesn’t need water, sunlight, and nutrients to thrive. No need to obsess over keeping grass alive and healthy before you can achieve the design you have in mind. Once artificial grass installation in Fresno, CA is done, the hard work is over!

In terms of upkeep, the most you need to do is to clean and brush it regularly. Simple vacuuming does the trick. Pay extra attention to dust-prone areas like sections near the floor and windows. Brush against the fiber from time to time to keep the turf lush.

3. It’s Safe Indoors

Unlike real grass, artificial turf doesn’t attract insects or release pollen. You can have it mounted in a windowless room without having to worry about allergens in the air.

The turf is also made of non-toxic material, making it completely safe for your children and pets. Its anti-microbial properties ensure that it won’t harbor germs that can potentially harm residents and guests.

This quality makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. Think turf flooring, accent walls, surfacing in children’s playrooms and more.

4. It Can Be Styled Any Way You Want

The best part about using artificial grass in Fresno for interior design is that you can go crazy with it! Your installer can cut into any shape and size to fit your space. You can also use turf-appropriate paint to add colors to artificial grass.

On top of being versatile, artificial grass also complements everything from rustic homes to contemporary aesthetics. Mix it up with potted plants, lighting fixtures, frames, industrial elements, metallic shades and other décor to flaunt your personal style.

Revive Your Interior Space with Synthetic Grass in Fresno

Who says artificial turf can only be enjoyed outdoors? Re-imagine your home by getting creative with turf! Our talented designers here at Fresno Artificial Grass offer interior design services and expertise in wall decorating. They would love to trade ideas and help you achieve your dream look. Call us today at
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