Don’t let your yard be a basic synthetic grass Fresno lawn. Add some personality to it by adding interesting elements and characteristics. This can be done in many ways like adding a main feature or accent pieces. However, one interesting trend in landscaping is using contrast to draw attention as well as create balance for your yard.

Three Ways to Add Contrast to a Synthetic Grass Landscape

Adding contrast to your artificial grass landscaping by combining elements with opposite characteristics. Done right, working with contrasting landscaping elements highlights the best qualities of each one. It adds to the overall appeal of a landscape that would otherwise look uniform and plain. Give these three combinations a try and see how it transforms your artificial grass installation in Fresno CA.

Straight and Curved Lines

The lines of various landscaping elements affect the overall appeal of a yard. Use a combination of straight and curved lines to give the lawn a more dynamic look.

When using synthetic grass in your Fresno yard, it is easy to create this contrast of line directions. Synthetic grass is easy to customize and manipulate into any shape desired. For instance, instead of a traditional rectangular lawn, create circular grass islands dotting the yard. Use smaller circular stones to create a straight pathway instead. Artificial grass can be customized to suit any design or shape in order to best bring out the contrast between straight and curved lines.


Create different levels to add dimension to a landscape. Levels are also a good way to set off areas from each other. Adding steps or a raised flower bed are common ways to create spatial contrast for lawns. With the help of professional grass installers however, more exciting options become possible.

Cover a wall with artificial grass and attach pots to it to create your very own hanging garden. Upholster furniture with turf for a touch of whimsy as well as added depth. Add grassy knolls and dips to the lawn to capture the feel of a rolling meadow. The contrast will add dimensions to any artificial grass Fresno lawn.

Hardscapes and Softscapes

Add to the overall impact of a lawn by using contrasting colors and textures. One way to do this is by combining hardscape and softscape yard features and elements.

Lawn hardscapes are materials that represent non-living elements of landscaping. A few common hardscape materials are stone, brick, and concrete. These may be used to make stone paths, brick walls or concrete patios. Softscapes, on the other hand, are the living elements used in landscaping. A few common examples are trees, flowers and shrubs. This also includes ornamental plants and flowers as well as artificial grass.

The strategic combination of hardscape and softscape creates contrast in texture, color, and pattern. Simply by adding stone pavers or brick edging, it creates a pleasing contrast against the green of any synthetic grass in Fresno. Because of its versatility, synthetic grass is easy to use in combination in order to create the perfect balance of natural and artificial landscaping materials.

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