We’re blessed with gorgeous weather here in Fresno, but it comes with a price: dead grass. It only takes one scorching summer to undo all the work you’ve put into keeping your lawn healthy and green.

And with California’s water restrictions becoming more and more stringent, it’s getting harder than ever to maintain a natural lawn.

Synthetic grass in Fresno offers a green and low-maintenance alternative. But we get one question all the time: does it get too hot?

The answer is no, it doesn’t. Designers have created a design in order for every part of modern artificial grass to keep the entire installation as cool as possible. Let’s take a closer look:

Heat-Resistant Materials for Hot Environments

Fabricators uses a series of high-quality materials, including polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon to create synthetic grass in Fresno. These materials are UV-stabilized to ensure that they can withstand the intense heat of the sun.

In addition, most artificial grass manufacturers add a cooling agent to the material that helps to reflect sunlight, reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the fibers.

Unique Cooling System

The best manufacturers add a cooling system to their artificial grass products. Which helps to keep the grass surface cool in hot weather. This cooling system typically consists of small perforations in the backing of the grass, which allows air to circulate freely.

The grass is also often layered with a moisture-wicking material that draws heat away from the surface, helping to keep the grass cool even in the hottest temperatures.

Better Hot Weather-Friendly Drainage than Natural Grass

A major reason that natural grass can become hot and dry during the summer months is because it has poor drainage. When water is unable to drain away quickly, it can create a humid and stuffy environment that makes it uncomfortable to walk or play on.

Artificial grass in Fresno, on the other hand, uses a superior drainage capabilities. Which ensures that it remains cool and dry even during the hottest Fresno months.

Cooler Infill Options

The infill is the material that is used to weigh down the grass and help it stay in place. Thanks to advanced infill technology, you can now get infill that’s infused with cooling agents to help keep surface temperatures down.

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