Side yards are some of the most underrated spots around homes. They’re often used to store things you don’t want inside the house, like broken appliances or trash cans. Don’t let yours go to waste! Make the most of its potential by converting it into a fun and challenging synthetic putting green in Fresno, CA.

Why Choose Synthetic Turf for Your Side Yard Putting Green?

Artificial grass offers several advantages for putting greens that its natural counterpart can’t match, such as:

  • Realistic Playability – Synthetic turf for putting greens are designed to provide the same ball roll quality in competition-level courses.
  • Consistent Pile – Because it neither grows nor withers, artificial grass retains its ideal height and density all throughout its service life.
  • Incredible Durability – Synthetic grass in Fresno won’t break under the impact of your swings, the friction of your putts, high foot traffic and heavy equipment.
  • Excellent Drainage – Because it’s fitted with an efficient drainage system, artificial turf installations don’t flood or retain puddles.
  • Easy Maintenance – All you need to do to keep artificial grass in top shape is to keep it debris-free, rinse it often and brush up its fibers occasionally.
  • Lifelike Beauty – Synthetic turf is as vibrant and soft as real grass.

Smart Ideas for Your Side Yard

Ready to turn your side yard into your favorite outdoor amenity? Draw inspiration from these space-savvy golf course design ideas:

• Integrate curves into your green design.

This is a great way to add variety to your side yard strip. Give your putting green in Fresno, CA curved edgings with the help of expert installers.

This is best done with two synthetic turf types: one for the course and another with a slightly higher pile height for the borders. The rounded lines will infuse your side yard personality while making it more challenging.

• Add several holes to your layout.

Multiple holes will make your games more challenging. Adding them to a synthetic putting green takes more than just cutting a hole into the turf, so you must plan for them. It requires careful edging to keep the seams from getting loose. Let your synthetic turf installers know if you want your side yard green to have more than one hole.

• Create kid-friendly obstacles.

Backyard putting greens are great for kids, so if you have children, consider integrating fun features into your side yard course aside from your current obstacles!

For example, you can DIY some themed obstacles like cardboard castle tunnels and use colored flags to mark holes. If you want something more permanent, consult your synthetic turf installer for ideas.

Maximize Your Space With an Expert-Installed Putting Green

Whether you want a simple strip or a course with multiple obstacles, Fresno Artificial Grass has you covered. Our team has years of experience installing artificial grass in Fresno for various residential and commercial locations.

Our experts treat all projects with the same level of commitment, so you can rest assured that your side yard putting green project is in good hands. Call us now at 559-206-2525 to get your installation started!