Installing synthetic turf on your property allows you to elevate your at-home putting experiences to rival those found on professional golf courses. Learn why a high-stitch-rate artificial grass is ideally suited for putting greens and delivers maximum playability for your home practice needs.

What Is High-Stitch-Rate Artificial Grass?

Most standard artificial lawns have a stitch rate ranging from 20 to 30 stitches per square inch. Premium putting green turf has a higher stitch count, often between 40 to 90 stitches per square inch. This denser stitching pattern allows the blades to stand upright and deliver a lush, emerald green landscape. The increased fiber also creates a dense base that feels firm underfoot, accurately simulating the smooth roll of a professional putting green.

Realistic Putting Green Simulation

As you look to elevate your golf skills, nothing beats realistic practice conditions. High-stitch-rate synthetic turfs allow you to experience the true feel of greens found on championship golf courses right in your own backyard. 

The closely stitched turf fibers present a uniform texture ideal for smoothing out puts. With a quality putting surface, you’ll gain the consistency to develop your read of greens and touch with distance control. This allows you to step onto actual courses with the confidence that comes from diligent practice.

Durability for Long-Lasting Use

You want your investment in a custom putting green to deliver years of entertainment and skill-building. Luckily, a high-stitch count synthetic lawn offers superior durability over standard artificial grass and natural turf greens. 

The dense base withstands heavy foot traffic and frequent putter use without showing signs of wear. The turf also retains its vibrant green hue despite California’s intense sunlight and heat. Unlike natural grass, the sturdy fibers won’t require repairs or replacements over time. This longevity saves you money while allowing you to enjoy your personal putting green for years to come.

Year-Round Accessibility

Natural grass struggles through Fresno’s parched summers and cooler winters. Synthetic putting turf allows for year-round play regardless of weather conditions. That means you can escape the valley’s extreme heat and improve your golf game in the comfort of your personalized practice space. 

The turf also remains vibrant and accessible during Central California’s rainy season when natural greens become muddy quagmires. With unlimited access, you can putt to your heart’s content no matter the season.

Let’s Install Your Dream Putting Green

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