Like any pet owner considering, cat owners also have a lot of questions about artificial grass. Below are some of the most common questions cat owners want answered to help them decide whether or not synthetic grass in Fresno is good for their feline friends.

Is it safe?

Yes, artificial grass is perfectly safe for cats. However, it is best to check the manufacturer’s certifications to ensure that no harmful substances were used to produce the synthetic turf. Ideally, these manufacturers should come with various safety certifications but it wouldn’t hurt to do your homework.

Can my cat destroy synthetic grass?

Cats love scratching different surfaces. Artificial grass is no exception. Fortunately, artificial grass fibers are made of durable plastic material. Cats can try to scratch and pull on it but a properly installed turf can easily withstand this. As such, the answer is no.

Can cats eat artificial grass?

Expect the newly installed artificial grass to be tested by your cat. Since artificial grass in Fresno smells different from natural grass, cats shouldn’t persist in trying to eat artificial grass. Furthermore, the material used for artificial grass is resilient against gnawing and chewing.

If your cat keeps trying to eat artificial grass and other non-food items, it may be experiencing a condition called Feline Pica.

Will cats poop and pee on artificial grass?

Yes, because cats will treat artificial grass like natural grass. They will definitely poop and pee on it if they currently do the same on your natural lawn. Luckily, cleaning cat poo and pee on artificial grass installation in Fresno, CA is more convenient than natural grass.

Will cat poo and pee leave stains on artificial turf?

Cat poo and pee will not leave stains on synthetic grass in Fresno. Unlike natural grass, cat pee will not burn, discolor or stain artificial grass. However, it is recommended that you regularly hose down the turf to rinse off cat urine and poop residue. This prevents smells from developing on the turf.

Can cats sunbathe on synthetic grass?

On a normal day, cats can freely sunbathe on artificial turf. However, hot summer days may make the turf’s surface too hot for cats. Getting synthetic turf with advanced cooling technology helps solve this issue.

Sand infills also help keep the artificial grass lawn cool. If your cats enjoy sunbathing, make sure the lawn is fitted with sand infills.

Can synthetic grass be used for an indoor play area?

Yes, artificial grass is also ideal for indoor play areas for cats. If your feline friend enjoys the indoors more, setting up an indoor play area would be best. Using artificial grass for this setup will add another texture which can stimulate cats.

The Bottom-line

Cats will love artificial grass. They will take to it the same way they would on natural grass. As an added bonus, cat owners can also enjoy hassle-free turf maintenance.

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