Outdoor kitchens and BBQ areas are must-haves in Fresno. There’s nothing better than spending time in your yard, hosting friends and family while the mouthwatering aromas of sizzling meat fill the air. But if you still have natural grass around your outdoor kitchen and dining area, those gatherings are probably more hassle than fun.

Why Natural Grass and Outdoor Kitchens Don’t Mix

Sure, natural grass looks great, but it’s not the best choice for areas around your outdoor kitchen that get a lot of foot traffic. Here’s why:

  • Stains Everywhere 

When you cook and eat outside, it’s easy to spill BBQ sauce, red wine, or greasy food on the grass. Those stains can be a real pain to get out and can make your lawn look pretty gross. Plus, they might attract bugs and other critters.

  • Trampled Grass

When you’ve got a lot of people hanging out around your outdoor kitchen, they will be walking all over the grass. Over time, this can do a number on your lawn, leaving it patchy and uneven. Fixing this can be a big headache and might mean you have to reseed or lay down new sod.

  • Tough to Clean

Cleaning up spills and messes on grass is no picnic. Even if you hose it down you might not get everything and bits of food and dirt can get stuck in the grass. This can start to smell funky and might even lead to bacteria growing.

  • Slippery When Wet

Grass holds onto moisture, which can be a problem around your outdoor kitchen. Wet grass can be slippery and increase the chances of someone taking a tumble. Plus, moisture can lead to mold and mildew growing on your outdoor kitchen surfaces, which isn’t just gross—it can also be bad for your health.

  • High Maintenance

If you want to keep the grass around your outdoor kitchen looking nice, you’ll have to put in some work. That means regular mowing, watering, and fertilizing, which can be a time waster and cost a pretty penny, especially during the summer when you’re using your outdoor space the most. 

When you add it all up, natural grass can take the fun out of using your outdoor kitchen. Worrying about spills, tripping on uneven ground, and constant upkeep can put a real damper on your get-togethers and keep you from making the most of your outdoor space. 

Artificial Grass for Outdoor Kitchens and Living Areas

If those issues sound familiar, you might want to think about using artificial grass for residential homes instead:

  • No More Stain Stress

Spills happen, but with artificial grass, you don’t have to freak out about them anymore. This stuff is a champ at resisting stains, and even if something does get on it, you can just hose it down or give it a quick wipe, and you’re good to go. Say goodbye to those BBQ sauce and red wine nightmares.

  • Tough As Nails

Artificial grass for homes is built to take a beating. Investing in high-quality artificial turf means you won’t have to deal with faded patches or bald spots around your outdoor kitchen anymore. 

  • Cleaning Made Easy

Forget about spending hours trying to scrub stains out of your grass or dealing with muddy messes. With artificial grass in Fresno, all you usually need to do is give it a quick sweep to eliminate any debris and you’re done. It’s that simple! You’ll have more time to kick back and enjoy your fantastic outdoor space instead of being a slave to its upkeep.

  • Instant Curb Appeal 

Want to give your outdoor kitchen a glow-up? Artificial grass is like an instant facelift for your space. It looks lush, luxurious, and so inviting. Your guests will be wowed by how put-together and stylish your outdoor area looks, and you’ll feel like a total boss hosting gatherings in your upgraded space.

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