As a school administrator, you likely aim to provide students with a playground that is safe, durable, and easy to maintain. Natural grass playgrounds often fall short in meeting these goals due to issues with wear and tear, weather conditions, maintenance requirements, and more. Installing artificial grass for playground use in your school can provide major benefits in terms of durability, safety, sustainability, usability, and cost savings.

Superior Durability and Safety

Artificial grass is composed of synthetic fibers made to withstand heavy foot traffic from active children. It will not wear down from consistent use like natural grass. 

The innovative backing and infill systems used in artificial turf also make it an exceptionally safe playground surface. The grass blades themselves are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and contain no lead or heavy metals. 

The playground grass and infill absorb impact, preventing injuries from falls. Artificial grass is also non-abrasive, meaning it won’t cause scrapes or burns. Lastly, the perforations allow drainage, stopping water from pooling on the surface. This prevents slippery conditions.

Eco-Friendly and Water-Conserving

Natural grass requires large quantities of water to remain lush and vibrant in Fresno’s hot climate. Drought conditions make attempts at upkeep even more resource-intensive. 

Conversely, artificial grass for playgrounds needs no irrigation, fertilizer, or mowing. This saves substantial water – as much as tens of thousands of gallons annually for larger playgrounds. 

Going with synthetic turf supports green initiatives in Fresno’s schools. It also eliminates the need for pesticides and weed control chemicals that can be unhealthy for children. Overall, artificial grass is the sustainable choice.

Heavy Use Tolerance

School playgrounds endure heavy traffic daily from students’ play and sports activities. This compacted soil under natural grass causes mud, bare spots, and ultimately costly resodding. 

Synthetic turf instead retains its lively green appearance and softness despite intense use. Neither extreme heat and UV rays nor Fresno’s occasional freezing winter nights negatively impact artificial grass. Installing it means no more cracking open the budget for continual grass repairs or dealing with downtime from roping playground areas off.

Usable Year-Round in All Weather

Natural grass often becomes a muddy mess in Fresno’s rainy season. Summer brings dried grass and dusty, hard ground. Synthetic turf allows year-round play regardless of precipitation or temperatures. The infill shock absorption also works the same across seasons. 

Kids will have uninterrupted recess and physical education as artificial grass remains consistently vibrant and resilient. No temporary shutdowns are needed due to weather damage or overdue renovations.

Cost Savings From Lower Maintenance

While installing artificial grass demands a greater upfront investment, immense long-term savings result from almost nonexistent maintenance needs. Without landscaping, mowing crews, or excessive water bills, schools expend fewer resources on turf upkeep over time. 

Any repairs or deep cleanings are simple and quickly performed. The durability of artificial grass compared to regular turf’s high replacement rate every few years also cuts future costs. Ultimately, transitioning to synthetic grass could save tens of thousands of dollars over natural grass’ lifespan.

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