As much as dogs love playing on lawns, they spell bad news for natural grass. Eventually, all that canine activity will leave you with an eyesore, whether in the form of holes, bare patches or wilted grass. And once these issues appear on your lawn, it’s almost impossible to solve them for good as long as you have real grass.

Because of this, many pet owners are turning to artificial grass for dogs in Fresno. Artificial turf will not only solve most dog-related lawn issues, but it can do so for good.

Backyard Issues Solved by Artificial Grass for Dogs

Once you cover your yard with synthetic grass in Fresno, you’ll never have to put up with these issues again:

• No more stepping on puddles of pee

There’s nothing more annoying than accidentally stepping in a pee puddle, which is, unfortunately, common in yards that dogs spend time in. Artificial grass in Fresno solves this problem with its efficient drainage system. It gets rid of pee and other types of moisture immediately and it doesn’t take long for the turf to dry.

• Say goodbye to stinky spots

Dog pee and feces tend to leave behind residue even after they’ve been hosed off the turf or removed. This creates unpleasant smells, which you can’t just wash off natural grass. Good thing this isn’t an issue with synthetic turf in Fresno, California. You can scrub off the residue using a cleaning solution or deodorizer without the risk of your lawn wilting.

• Never deal with dead or trampled grass again

Heavy foot traffic—or, in this case, paw traffic—can ruin even the hardiest of natural grasses. Synthetic turf products don’t share the same weakness. Sure, they’ll bend under constant pressure, but that’s nothing a good brushing can’t fix. As a result, your synthetic lawn will stay uniformly lush and soft underfoot no matter how often or how long your dog plays on it.

• Stop tripping on dangerous holes

Most dogs love digging up dirt and that’s an instinctive behavior synthetic turf can protect your backyard from. Thanks to the turf’s durable backing, your dog won’t be able to tear through the surface and create holes in your yard. Since there’s no soil, there’s also no temptation or opportunity to bury their bones and treats all over your yard.

Other Benefits of Synthetic Grass for You and Your Dogs

On top of being impervious to dog antics, artificial grass is also:

• Paw-friendly, eliminating the risk of scrapes

• Non-toxic and doesn’t need harmful chemicals to stay in good condition

• Hypoallergenic, so it’s safe for canines that are allergic to grass pollen

• Inhospitable to ticks, fleas and other pests

Easy to maintain, allowing you to save a lot of time and money

• Environmentally friendly, as it promotes water conservation and doesn’t contribute to toxic emissions

Synthetic turf in Fresno, CA can keep preventing pet-induced issues and providing these awesome benefits for up to 15 years or more—provided that you take good care of it. And because you have pets, you’ll need to do more than just the occasional sweep.

How to Take Care of Artificial Grass for Dogs

Just because artificial grass products won’t wilt when exposed to pet waste, doesn’t mean you should take your time cleaning up after your dogs.

Remove poop and rinse off urine immediately from artificial grass for dogs. Note that doing so doesn’t always guarantee that there won’t be any lingering odors. You’ll have to wash the area with soap and water or use a pet-friendly deodorizer to get rid of unpleasant smells.

If you live in a condo or apartment and have invested in balcony grass for dogs to give your pets some green space, you’ll need to be mindful of your cleaning habits. Make sure your balcony has efficient drainage before hosing down your synthetic grass in Fresno.

Unless you pay close attention to everything your canines do in your yard, there’s a chance that you may miss it when they answer nature’s call. So, make it a habit to hose down their favorite bathroom spots after outdoor playtimes. This is important, especially if your yard doubles as putting greens. Pet waste residues and their odors can put a damper to your games.

Get Started with Artificial Grass for Dogs in Fresno

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Our team is skilled in all types of commercial and residential pet turf installation, including:

• Backyards
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• And more

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