There’s nothing like a water feature to complete a backyard. Imagine the sounds of a lively stream, the rush of a waterfall or the calm beauty of a pond— it’s gorgeous – until you notice your muddy shoes, that is. Or mosquitoes having a field day in the yard, among overgrown weeds you now have to spend the day pulling out.

And just like that, your beautiful yard with the perfect water feature just became a headache instead of a retreat. Until you switch to synthetic grass in Fresno, that is.

Artificial Grass and Water Features

Hardscape is usually the go-to material for water features. It’s low-maintenance, easy to install and lasts a long time— everything that natural grass isn’t.

However, it’s hard to deny the effect of green grass completely surrounding a backyard pond or waterfall. It’s nature at its finest, but when it comes to your lawn, synthetic is the way to go. Here’s why:

  • 1. Features an excellent drainage underlay

    Artificial grass in Fresno is designed to drain water quickly and efficiently. Unlike real grass, it won’t create puddles or get muddy should a bit of water splash outside your water feature.

  • 2. Low-maintenance and free of chemicals

    Not having to worry about upkeep and chemicals is one of the benefits of installing artificial grass around fountains and similar structures.

    For one, synthetic turf requires very little maintenance. Unlike a natural lawn that needs fertilizers, mowing, reseeding, watering and more to thrive, artificial grass does not need anything but occasional spraying of clean water to get rid of the dust. Because of this, you don’t need to consider maintenance when it comes to the design of your water features, especially for the more complicated ones.

    In addition, synthetic turf doesn’t need any chemical treatment. This is essential if you plan on adding living things to your water features, such as with fish ponds.

  • 3. Artificial grass is non-slip

    Areas around water features inevitably get wet, whether that’s from accidental splashes or overflowing due to rain. Keeping that particular area safe is perhaps the biggest advantage of installing synthetic turf. It is non-slip, reducing the risks of injuries if people need to pass by the space.

    Even if someone trips, the soft cushion of artificial grass will guarantee a safer landing. Since an artificial grass installation in Fresno CA remains non-slip even when wet, it also offers a more stable footing than slippery natural grass.

Transform Your Backyard with Fresno Synthetic Grass!

Lush, green artificial grass goes perfectly with any kind of backyard décor or design, whether you want an ultra-modern waterfall or a vintage fountain. Let’s lay the foundation for your dream backyard— call Fresno Artificial Grass today at 559-206-2525 or send us a message using our online form!